Error after upgrade version (2,9 KB) ,
i’ve upgraded Dremio from 4.1.3 to ne newest version 14.
After some tests no-regression tests, i’ve noticed that i can’t read json object like in the older version 4.1.3, due to “PLAN ERROR: NullPointerException”.
The actions i try to do are:
1-format hdfs folder containing parquet data files -->OK
2-cast utf8 column to json(struct) → OK
3-query the struct-column → KO

In attach the server.log.


Can you please send us the ailed job profile?

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy (5,6 KB)


I see your dataset name is table, did you to add double quotes to “table” and retry the query

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , i’ve replaced the real name of the table(also replaced the “”) in the log.