Error GLIBC_2.17 not found when upgrading to version 21.x from 20.x


When upgrading to version 21.x Dremio Enterprise, I have error then I run the first query, for exemple select * from sys.memory

UnsatisfiedLinkError: /u01/hadoop/yarn/nm/usercache/dremio_dev00/appcache/application_1669996675618_35873/container_e138_1669996675618_35873_01_000002/tmp/libgandiva_jni.sod1933806-e5e1-472e-a3e4-10f9c0fd06e3: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.17’ not found (required by /u01/hadoop/yarn/nm/usercache/dremio_dev00/appcache/application_1669996675618_35873/container_e138_1669996675618_35873_01_000002/tmp/libgandiva_jni.sod1933806-e5e1-472e-a3e4-10f9c0fd06e3)

and after that I the error below happens when run query (the 1st error not show anymore on GUI)

SYSTEM ERROR: NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.dremio.exec.expr.ExpressionEvaluationOptions

If I downgraded to version 20, it works.

My OS: Centos 7
cluster YARN


This is due to an upgrade of arrow-gandiva from v4 to v7 between Dremio v20 and v21. This introduced a dependency on glibc 2.17+. An upgrade of glibc to v2.17+ is need to overcome this error.