Error when using catalog API refresh

I’m planning to use the Catalog API refresh to update my reflections with a interval lower than 1h.

When trying to call the refresh API catalog with a specific id, using a post request on this endpoint:


I’m getting this error:

{"errorMessage":"Something went wrong. Please check the log file for details, see","moreInfo":"Can only refresh datasets but found [com.dremio.service.namespace.source.proto.SourceConfig]."}

I can confirm that the id that I used is in the list of the ids that I got from "{base_url}/api/v3/catalog".

Any idea on how to solve this?

@nicor88 The catalog ID is the PDS ID and not the reflection ID

As catalog_id I’m using the ids of my Glue source that I get from the call to this URL
url = f"{base_url}/api/v3/catalog", isn’t that catalog id correct?
I’m not using the reflection id for the call.

@nicor88 The error claims you are passing in a SOURCE to the REFRESH api, but you can only refresh physical datasets.

@doron thanks, good point, I somehow missed that.

I finally managed to having working, I needed to make few API calls to get the id of the dataset to refresh, but in the end I got a 204.