Everytime I update one row dremio saves two row versions

Everytime I update one row dremio saves two row versions: one row with the data before the update and another one with the data after the update. It happens when the “RAW reflection” is turned on - and I need the RAW reflection on cause I don’t want a live connection with my virtual database.

You can see an example in the file above. I first created one id ( id = 1524) with the “teste_cupum2” cupom. After that, I updated this row, changing “teste_cupom2” to “teste_cupom3”. I was expecting Dremio to update the line (id = 1524). But instead, Dremio saved the first version of the line and created another one.

@hugocattoni Are you writing reflections to NAS and in dremio.conf have the scheme as pdfs

You can see in the file bellow our Dremio conf. I’m using Dremio’s standalone locally, for testing porposes only. My goal is to deploy it at my VM.

What type of changes should I make at my dremio.conf so I can solve my two row version problem?

I’m assuming the problem is at my dremio.conf cause when I’ve used your 2 day trial
(available at Dremio University) it worked fine.

@hugocattoni Is the drive mapped to ${DREMIO_HOME}/data local or NAS drive? Can you make sure from /etc/fstab that is indeed local as when the reflections are written to a NAS but the dremio.conf was pointing to local,