Executor core dumps when using number in query


Anyone ever see this. If I add a number to a column like this
select 1 as “a_number” from some_table

Strings like this work OK
select ‘1’ as “a_string” from some_table


Hello @waynekoepcke

Can you please elaborate your request please.


Hi Rakesh,

Sure - Our executors core dump when running a query that contains a number in the select clause.
This came up because Tableau often hard codes values in this clause.

So for example if you run a query that looks like this

  • select 1 from <some parquet file>
    Then whichever executor gets the query will core dump when reading a parquet file from a NAS source

If you change that to a string like this

  • select ‘1’ from <some parquet file>
    Then the executor will be run the query ok

The same problem for oracle queries like this

  • select 1 from oracle.DEFAULTSCHEMA.“MEMBER”
    causes the executor to core dump

Change that a string and it works

  • select ‘1’ from oracle.DEFAULTSCHEMA.“MEMBER”

I tried this with Dremio versions 4.3.1, 4.5, and 4.6.1
java 1.8.0_26 and 1.8.0_221-b11)
OS Centos 7


Just a little follow on note. Downgrading Dremio to version 4.1.8 fixed the problem

Any update on this? Downgrading provides a work-around but not a long-term solution.

Thank you,