External Reflection

My current version of Dremio is 3.2.8. Does Dremio3.2.8 having the feature of external reflection? And I had created external reflections, but I did not know how to cover the created external reflection. Can you write details on how to use external reflections? And if there is a regular acceleration flame icon or any more after using external reflections?

Hi @dingbin

Did you go through this?


I created external reflections successfully follow this document. I used the query of “select * from sys.reflections”, and found the external reflections I had created. But I didn’t know how to use this reflections. Can you describe this in details?


I used the query of "
CREATE VDS “@db”.“store_sales_tmp” AS
AVG(ss_quantity) average_quantity,
SUM(ss_quantity) total_quantity,
COUNT(*) sales_count,
FROM “@db”.store_sales
GROUP BY ss_sold_date_sk" to create the virtual dataset of store_sales_temp.
And used the query of " ALTER DATASET “@db”.store_sales_temp

DROP EXTERNAL REFLECTION “external_store_sales_temp”

USING “@db”.“store_sales_temp”" to create the external reflections of store_sales_temp successfully.

But when I run the query of “select * from store_sales_temp”, the jobs history display that the external reflection can’t cover query. So what the issues I had met. Can you help me to solve this problem?


And I use the query of “select * from sys.reflections” to inspect this external reflection, it display that the status is “OK”. But I see the other reflections such raw reflections’ status is “CAN_ACCELERATE”. So any idea on this issue?

Thank you