Extremely slow query performance under concurrency

We are using AWS Community Edition (details are below). For queries that transfer 100K-1M records,
we are seeing extremely slow performance under concurrency (about 1-5 concurrent queries). I have attached a sample. We have turned on reflections and also reduced the # of parquet files (around 150 of them). Are there any options for tuning available?

Input: 1.9M Records Output: 1.8M records, Size: 14.33MB


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08/18/2020 02:04:53

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08/17/2020 19:32:39


Can you share a profile for this job?

is there a way to privately review the profile file? i am not comfortable posting it over public channels.


@rajesh1, you could send it to support@dremio.com

Sent the profile attachments over to support@dremio.com. Please acknowledge when you receive them. Please let me know if you need anything else.


I see you have attached 2 profiles

#1 channelClosedException: [USER]: Channel closed /:31010 <–> /:33718 (user client)

This is caused probably due to the fact the client closed the connection, the query was cancelled in the 6th minute, the query is single threaded as the estimate on the parquet scan seems incorrect. Can you please refresh metadata and retry the query?

#2 Query completes in 7.8s

  • Close to 4.85s is spent in wait time on the Parquet Scan. All reads are remote, see operator metrics below the scan. I see it is a S3 source so implementing C3 Cache should help
  • External sort takes 1.8s, are we spilling to SSD’s?

Hint: make planner.slice_target to a lower value than 40,000 and you can see more parallel threads and will reduce the wait time. Do not make it too low as this can over parallelize small scans causing overhead

thanks for your response. for #1, this happens when there are 4 to 5 queries of similar type running concurrently. if i run the same query from console, it is reasonable (like below).

for #2, is C3 Cache used by aws edition automatically or do we have to manually configure it?

we will try both of the suggestions and provide a response.


we have done the following:

  1. Cache is enabled at the datasource. There is no C3 Cache option in AWS marketplace edition. See attached screen shot.
  2. Refreshed the meta data

Where should i be changing the planner.slice_target? Is this a co-ordinator option?


Sorry… just to be clear… we still see 4x worse performance under concurrency (around 4 to 5 concurrent queries).


Click on admin-support-support key and enter “planner.slice_target” and click show. Change to a lower value so you have at least 2 threads and see if the scan is paralleized