Facing an issue to connect the schema using the 'Arrow Flight SQL ODBC Driver connection'

I’m trying to integrate the Dremio and Informatica. I found an article from DREMIO community , that it is possible to approach using the ‘Arrow Flight SQL ODBC Driver’, This ‘Arrow Flight SQL ODBC Driver’, is having only 64-bit for Windows version. Below is the community link:


I’m facing an issue to proceed further to IMPORT the data into Informatica Designer Source tables.

Error While Configuring on Windows system DSN:

I’m trying to connect the schema connection 'Arrow Flight SQL ODBC Driver ’ from the "ODBC Data Sources (64-Bit)" app with the details shown in below attached image ErrorConfiguringwithODBCDriver.png but when clicking on 'Test Connection ', its throws an error 'Flight returned unavailable error, with message: failed to connect to all addresses. Please ensure your encryption settings match the server ’ :

Can someone please let me know , what might be the root cause of the issue and how we can resolve this issue to import the data from the DSN ‘ArrowFlightSQLODBC’ with successfull connection.

Really very much appreciate you quick help on this.