Feature Request - Integration with Immuta

Would be great if Dremio had integration with Immuta for ABAC/PBAC. Is this still in the road map and any estimate into when this will be completed?

Hi @Markaloi This is currently not in the roadmap. Is this a RBAC model?

Hi Balaji,

We are looking for a ABAC/PBAC model. Considering Immuta to be one of the leaders in the entitlement aspect, and so is Dremio in data virtualization aspect, I think its a high time that we look for a partnership between Dremio and Immuta. We have been evaluating multiple tools in this area in our organization and we felt this is something that would really add values to the customers.

Thank you

@subhra_banerjee I will forward this thread to our partner program department and will they will look into it