FYI: just build a Dremio connector for metabase (open source BI)

FYI, I just build a metabase-dremio-driver project at:

I tested on Metabase 0.39.1 and Dremio 15.0.0, most major functionality should work. Just in case other people may also use both Metabase and Dremio


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A big thank you @Baoqi !
As suggested in the repository, what do you think about restricting dremio’s objects to the connection’s “database” ? Dremio can catalog many many sources, and in my use case, Metabase cannot even show the connection catalog !

One again, thank you !
We now have a complete data stack : dremio + dbt + metabase !

@Baoqi , forget my last post ! You already released a brand new version with this feature !
Thank you !