Getting error while connecting Dremio via Apache Arrow flight

Hi, I am trying to use Apache Arrow flight in our spring-boot application to connect Dremio, it was working fine, but after sometime we found “User Session is not available in the cache” error message while connecting to dremio. After i restart our microservice it started working. Not able to identify where and what is the issue. Appreciate a help. Thanks.

Hi @s.ranjan0404 ,

Thanks for sending over the additional details. What version of Maven are you running and does this error occur with Dremio Software or Dremio Cloud?



Additionally, do you have a rough idea of how long before you receive that error? Is it 120 minutes? Our documentation mentions this for Flight Sessions for both Dremio Software and Cloud:

A Flight session has a duration of 120 minutes during which a Flight client interacts with Dremio Cloud.

Dremio (Dremio Cloud)
Dremio (Dremio Software)

You can change the duration on Dremio Software by modifying usersessions.ttl.seconds in the dremio.conf file per above Software link.

Dremio Cloud currently only supports 120 minutes.


Thanks for the information. In our code some how i was initializing multiple flightClients for one request. i have changed the code and will keep under observation. Will let you know if i get the same issue again.

Soumya Ranjan