Handling of large integers in the frontend

I was testing Dremio against an Elasticsearch dataset that contains large integers; looking at the stati (states) field of a document, the numbers printed are not the expected ones as they are above Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER:

The query and reply from the backend:

The Elasticsearch search hit:

  "_index" : "index",
  "_type" : "type",
  "_id" : "26231929",
  "_version" : 1,
  "found" : true,
  "_source" : {
    "stati" : [
    "id" : 26231929

The same query submitted through JDBC returns the expected values.

It is a kind of niche issue, but would be nice to see a warning next to these values or encode them and have the UI support big integers through specialised libraries.

Hi @fabiocorneti

Thanks a lot for reporting the problem

This is a known bug and we have a internal ticket opened. Will keep you posted on the progress