HIVE source connection error Socket closed

Hi Team,

When we tried to connect the kerberos enabled HIVE source to standalone DREMIO cluster we are getting below error -

591 [start-MQR_PRD_HIVE] INFO - Setup Hadoop user info using kerberos p rincipal xyz@ABC.COM and keytab file /etc/dremio/xyz.keytab successful.
730 [start-MQR_PRD_HIVE] WARN c.d.h.t.transport.TIOStreamTransport - Error closing output stream. Socket closed

We have another one dremio standalone node setup on which this kerberos enabled HIVE source is connected successfully.

Both dremio IO version are different -

DREMIO 1 cluster version 4.3.1-2 (on this version we face this issue while adding HIVE source)
DREMIO 2 Cluster version 4.1.4-2 (on this version the HIVE source is connected successfully).

In our analysis when downgrade the DREMIO 1 version to still issue persist.

But when we downgrade the DREMIO-1 version to DREMIO-2 i.e 4.1.4-2 the error got resolved and we are able to connect HIVE source.

Could you please confirm can we connect same hive source with different version of DREMIO cluster.

if yes then please tell us how to resolve this issue.

Thank you .


Starting from Dremio 4.2 we have moved Hive classes to its own folder so you have to symlink DREMIO_HOME/conf to DREMIO_HOME/plugins/connectors/hive3-ee.d/conf , see documentation below

Thank you, Issue has been resolved.