Hortonworks HDFS on Secure Cluster

So I’ve searched around and read most if not all of the topics that reference HDFS, Kerberos, etc and still haven’t been able to get connected. Here are the details:

Hortonworks 2.6.3
Dremio 2.0.1-201804132205050000-10b1de0 Community Edition

I have added the Kerberos principal and keytab to the conf file:

services: {
coordinator.enabled: true,
coordinator.master.enabled: true,
executor.enabled: true
kerberos.principal: "blah@BLAH.BLAHBLAH.COM"
kerberos.keytab.file.path: “/etc/security/keytabs/blah.blahblah.keytab”

I feel fairly certain that these configs are being honored because I see this in the Dremio log:

2018-05-07 11:23:30,198 [main] INFO com.dremio.dac.daemon.DACDaemon - Setup Hadoop user info using kerberos principal blah@BLAH.BLAHBLAH.COM and keytab file /etc/security/keytabs/blah.blahblah.keytab successful.

However, when I attempt to create an HDFS source I get the following error:

2018-05-07 11:26:41,422 [qtp1655867485-193] INFO c.d.exec.catalog.CatalogServiceImpl - User Error Occurred [ErrorId: 11e4841b-2f1c-41d7-bd79-18500e64d097]
com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException: Failure while configuring source [HDFS]. Info: Unavailable: SIMPLE authentication is not enabled. Available:[TOKEN, KERBEROS]

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you haven’t yet, can you copy or symlink the Hadoop config files (core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, yarn-site.xml) to the Dremio config dir (/opt/dremio/conf is default), restart service, and try again?


I feel like such a noob though.

Thank you a ton Anthony!

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