How should registration.publish-host be configured?

May I ask how to configure ‘registration. publish host’? The official document does not seem to provide much explanation.
My usage scenario is to deploy a dremio cluster through K8S, using PDFS for storage, which means that the data is distributed among the execution nodes. When my service is restored from a power outage, the following error will be reported:

Unable to create dataset. No executors are available for data with hard affinity. You may consider using "registration.publish-host" property if your network rules change.

the profile is: (10.8 KB)

My question is as follows:

  1. Is the host configured for the master node or for the execution node?
  2. What are the default values?
  3. Can I use pod’s host in K8S?

@bigfacewo PDFS support as a distributed storage has been removed since version 21.x