How to change executor port

I am trying to change port for executor node
In master i have the following setting
services: {
coordinator.master.enabled: true,
executor.enabled: false,
fabric.port: 56789

Same on executor
services: {
coordinator.master.enabled: false,
executor.enabled: true,
fabric.port: 56789

I can see that port 56789 is up on master , but its failing on executor and its still trying to connect to 45678


Are you trying to host one coordinator and one executor on the same host, or two dremio clusters with two coordinators on the same host?

If the latter, make sure you are using two different zookeeper address so that nodes from each cluster can discover each other properly:

ok, got it , my old config was conflicting with port
adding conf location fixed that
./bin/dremio --config /opt/dremio/conf/ start

thanks a lot