How to check data refreshing timestamp


I use Dremio to connect to a MongoDB fro Power BI report and am getting quite a few discrepancies while comparing the report to the original data source. I am wondering whether there is anyway that I can check when the data in Dremio is refreshed. According to the data source configuration, it is refreshing hourly. But is there anyway to see the exact time?


Hey there,

There are two ways of doing this:

  • From the UI: go to the jobs page, and then Select only Accelerator jobs (it’s the second pull down from the 3 pull downs above the list of jobs). Then look for all jobs that have REFRESH REFLECTION as part of their query. Select that job and it will tell you the details of that reflection in the summary page.
  • All this information is stored in system tables. From a new query, you can run SELECT * FROM sys.refreshes


Note that the refresh only applies to Data Reflections. Your query will either be pushed down into mongo, or accelerated to use a reflection. If you look at your jobs you can see whether the query was accelerated.

If you are seeing discrepancies and the query is not being accelerated, then something else may be going on.

Em…I don’t see any of my queries were accelerated. Do I have to configure reflections?

Looking at the details, it was saying no reflection were available.
Also the sys.refreshes returns nothing for me.

Did I miss any steps?

Also, when I publish the report to Power BI service, it fails the refreshes a lot. Is it possibly could be my queries are not accelerated?

Yes, you need to configure reflections. I suggest reading through this tutorial: