How to force query to run "on disk" rather than with memory?


I’m using Dremio 17 and I have some queries that can never work properly, their execution only works when they finally work ‘on disk’ (
), ie :

  • the first attempt finished in OUT_OF_MEMORY ERROR: Query was cancelled because it exceeded the memory limits set by the administrator.
  • i’m happy to see a second attempt being able to complete as it uses the disk instead memory

Unfortunately sometimes there is no second attempt, and the executor is crashing.
Would there be a way to force the execution of a query in the disk mode
in the first attempt ?

Thanks in advance

@dfleckinger Retry logic only occurs in certain scenarios, in the error that happened the second time, if you open the raw profile and click on error, there should be an executor name printed, can you please check the GC logs on that executor to see if there was a Full GC pause?