How to get all data of ElasticSearch to Dremio

Hi guys, i’m new with Dremio, i connected my standalone Dremio with standalone Es on my computer and it’s only get 10,000 rows of Es (limit of 1 scroll in Es). So how can i config Dremio to get all data from Es? while i founding solution, i saw some people can query on 2M row of Es it mean more than 10,000 limit. but i don’t know how could they do that. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

@lenoyjacob @ben , can you help me with this question?

@robocon20x You are probably clicking preview instead of run. The preview will limit to 10K, click run and you can see up to 1 a maximum of million.

When queries are run from JDBC or ODBC tools, they are not truncated by Dremio but may get truncated by the JDBC tool, any reason you want to look at more than a million rows?

@balaji.ramaswamy dear sir, i had click run bottom and use count() to count number of rows in the table. i had remove ES and connect it again to Dremio but it still only 10,000 rows. the same result when i use jbdc to execute count() query :frowning: . Thank sir.

In addion: i install Dremio by this way install

my ES version is 7.12.0 and Dremio is 22.0.0-202206221430090603-1fa4049f

@balaji.ramaswamy Dear sir, i found this question and it seem similar with my case. but it still no answer ere question . Thank you so much

@balaji.ramaswamy dear sir, my index have more than 1m docs(rows), how can i handle this sir? thanks