How to import FB Ads, GA, Google Ads, and CRM data into S3?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this big family. I would like to use it for our local starup.

As far as I learned, I need to pull data into S3, including FB Ads, GA, Google Ads, and CRM data ?

I found some and Apache Airflow seems a good fit. Are there cost effective or open source solutions you kindly recommend for me? Thank you.

@rc1112 Once the data is on S3, you can use Dremio and post issues/questions here. It would be best to post this question on AWS or S3 user/community forum. One thing to remember is that Dremio can read the below file formats on S3

  • Parquet
  • Iceberg
  • CSV/Text
  • JSON

To take advantages of the all the features of standard data lake optimizations the first 2 formats are recommended

@balaji.ramaswamy Noted. Thank you very much for the information.