How to know the physical dataset location from which VDS is created

Hi All,
Once we create VDS from Physical datasets, can we query that definition by some way by which we can get the physical location of that VDS.

Example: If I’m creating a VDS from s3 location “s3://dremio/data/”, so after that how can i get back this metadata (s3 location info) from the created VDS.

To put in other words, in hive we can simply run show create table on the tables which gives all the metadata including s3 location, do we have such functionality in Dremio ?

I have already tried the query: select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME=‘my_vds_name’, which provides all the columns information but not the physical dataset location from where it has been created


Hello @jalandhar

After opening the VDS, can you click on ‘Graph’ and see that is what you are expecting?


Hey @Rakesh_Malugu,

Since we are using community version we don’t have that option of using ‘Graph’

Thanks for the info