How to specify a space reflection expiry?

For sources, there is a tab called “reflection refresh” where you can specify the reflection refresh frequency as well the the time to expiry.
But for spaces, you can also create reflections, but I don’t see the reflection refresh tab. So how do you specify the reflection time to expiry in that case ?
Thanks for your help !

Hi @fchabouis
Are you looking for the reflection refresh for the VDS or the files uploaded to the dremio into spaces ?


Hello @fchabouis!
Reflection refresh can only be set on datasets in sources. In spaces that you have added, you will only have datasets that are based on the datasets in your sources, or based on other datasets which are based on sources. To specify the reflection refresh policy on a dataset in a space, you need to specify the refresh policy on its parent dataset.
Additional note: you also can’t set the refresh policy on any datasets that you upload to your home space, since those datasets are based on a single file that you uploaded, so they are completely static.

Thanks a lot @david ! I will try that.