How to transpose data?

How can i transpose data from rows to columns? Is it possible in Dremio?

My query collect a data as a one-row-table with columns Indicator1, Indicator2, … and i need to represent it as a report
Indicator1 Value
Indicator2 Value


Transpose/pivot/unpivot are not current available functions in Dremio. However, they have been requested before and are actively being considered in our roadmap.

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Transposition would be very helpful. Especially over a specified range of data.

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Agreed, this would be so helpful. Please let us know when UNPIVOT will become available!

Even we have this uses case to pivot and unpivot

is PIVOT and UNPIVOT available??

@capihacendado Not yet

@balaji.ramaswamy is the Pivot function now available in Dremio? We are on the v15 version - enterprise edition.

@priyanka Yes on >v19.0, See: