How to use varbinary column in where clause

I am looking forward to use varbinary column in where clause in one of the SQL queries. In dataset, column is varbinay and writing the sql queries to filter some data into it. But it unable to parse the query.

select * from testdataset where id = 0xA98159FE

id is a varbinary column.

@alokseth84 What happens if you wrap the value (0xA98159FE) in single quotes?

Cannot apply ‘=’ to arguments of type ‘<VARBINARY(65536)> = <VARCHAR(18)>’. Supported form(s): ‘<COMPARABLE_TYPE> = <COMPARABLE_TYPE>’ ’ = ’ ’ = '.

@alokseth84 Is id a number/int/bigint data type?

id is a varbinary data type.

@alokseth84 Try using something like this?
where id = CONVERT_TO(‘somestring’,‘UTF8’)

CONVERT_TO should convert it to a binary string. See Docs: Dremio