Incremental reflections on a view


I have 3 APPEND-ONLY whose reflections are set to be incrementally refreshed on a partitioned column named log_timestamp manually by our application logic every 15 minutes or so.

A view is created off these 3 Iceberg tables with JOIN and GROUP BYs

Does this mean that incremental reflection refresh will not work? Is there no way around to get a view involving JOINing of a few tables to be incremental when the source iceberg tables are APPEND-ONLY?

@kyleahn As of today the product does not support incremental reflection on joins, this is something that will come out but as of today there is no ETA

Yes. Incremental refresh for view with joins on Iceberg is in the works. In the mean times, is it possible to break down the 3 table view so that you cam isolate to a single table view that supports incremental refresh? The single table view can contain group by on the join keys.