Is it possible to pause the connection between Dremio and Azure SQL Elastic pool Database

Hello Team.
I have been exploring Dremio from quite a long time and stuck across this below query:
I have a Azure SQL Elastic DB which is connected to Dremio and ever since the DB is connected, it has never gone to “Paused” state. Which I understand is fine, because Dremio might be pinging the Elastic pool DB in regular interval of time (may in less than an Hour) and hence the DB is always “Online”.

So could you please help me understand the functionality of Dremio here and whether I can go and change the configuration in Dremio to ping my DB in some particular interval.


In the data source settings, there is an option to control how often Dremio refreshes the metadata of datasets in the data source. For your SQL DB, Dremio might be pinging it on a regular basis to check the metadata. Can you check your data source settings to see how often this happens?

@phillip You have set metadata collection every minute, what is the reason for that?