Is there a way to get reflection creation plan without doing real query?

Dremio supports “explain plan” syntax for query such as “explain plan including all attributes with implementation for select xxxx from xxxx”.

Do we have an interface to get the plan of refresh job for reflection creation?

What are you trying to do with this information? Might be helpful to step back and understand the bigger picture.

I want to know whether the expected physical plan is used for reflection creation. In some cases, the optimized join SQL will do full scan for each table which will read billions of data…
Currently I have to trigger the real reflection creation action and go to profile to get such information.

In addition, I found Dremio 3.1 will generate an optimized Oracle join SQL with syntax error… It gives me such error message.
[fixed] ORA-00904: "t"."COB_DATE": invalid identifier