Is there any way to direct do Json Flattening using SQL tables?

I am trying to do Json Flattening using MSSQL table where I have stored some Json data as Key-Value format, but I think dremio doesn’t have any functionality to do direct flattening from the table based on key.
I am sharing a screenshot of my stored table data.

you are confusing, this is not flattern

FLATTEN separates the elements in a repeated field into individual records

if you want some as

| keyname | productionDay | entityName | entityType |

you must access direct

select keyname, data.productionDay, data.entityName, data.entityType
  from CurationTest

I am not able to perform the query that you have shown me.

Sorry, this is because your CurationTest is NOT a JSON file.

What type is your source of CurationTest?
so try

    select keyname, as productionDay,,
    from (
    SELECT keyname, convert_from(data, 'JSON') AS data
    FROM CurationTest
    ) as x