Issue while upgrading Dremio to latest version

Hello Team,

Kindly assist us with the upgarde steps as we are facing issue while upgrading dremio from version 1.0.8 to latest version 1.2.2 with full dataset.

For your reference :

2017-10-31 14:09:47,025 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - Stopping LocalKVStoreProvider
2017-10-31 14:09:47,051 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - Stopped LocalKVStoreProvider
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.ReplanHomeBasedAccelerations.checkAndReplanIfNeeded(
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.ReplanHomeBasedAccelerations.upgrade(
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.Upgrade.upgrade(
at com.dremio.dac.cmd.upgrade.Upgrade.main(
Upgrade failed java.lang.NullPointerException.

Thanks and Regards,
Lavish Patodi


I’ve opened an internal ticket to track this bug and the fix should go into our next release which is due in the next couple of weeks.

As a potential workaround, do you have any reflections on datasets that no longer exist? Dropping them should hopefully let you finish the upgrade. If you are fine with rebuilding all reflections, you could also drop them as that should also unblock you.