Issue with Dremio Query output display in the application


We are using Dremio in our application that support technologies as ExtJS, Java, Springs and Hibernate. In Dremio interface, we added our project related data sources and trying to access them in our application, which is working as expected.

Recently noted an issue i.e. the sequence of columns in output from the application is not matching with the order maintained in the query.

Example Query:
Acol, Bcol, Ccol, Dcol, Ecol

Output of columns is not returned as per above order in our application:

Order 1: Bcol, Ecol, Acol, Dcol, Ccol
Order 2: Dcol, Acol, Ccol, Bcol, Ecol…

order of columns is changing randomly when any changes made to the query but not exactly matching with the order give in query.

When the above query is executed in Dremio directly, gives the correct columns order:
Acol, Bcol, Ccol, Dcol, Ecol

Could you please check with the above and help us to fix the issue.