Issue with Nested JSON Structures

I have a dataset with a nested json structure. I can unnest this without any issues, however after this joins are not possible with this VDS. I have attached herewith the query profile as well… Is this a know issue ? (24.5 KB)

@balaji.ramaswamy could you take a look at this too? :smiley:

@shayeny I am having one of my colleagues @Sorabh_Sachdeva check on this and he will get back to you soon

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy

@Sorabh_Sachdeva Also the strangest thing happened today - when join type is FULL JOIN, this works without any issues. This issue pops up only when join type is INNER, LEFT, or RIGHT JOIN.


We have fixed several planner state errors since 3.3.1, also 3.3.1 is probably more than 18 months old. Any reason you are on that version

Wondering if you can upgrade and validate and if still exists, we probably have a bug


I was using Dremio CE on Windows - that’s the reason for staying in 3.3.1
I now have access to an updated Dremio version - will check if the bug still exists.