Issue with POST /catalog/{id}

i am trying to convert a file to dataset using " POST /catalog/{id} ", but in vain

I’m getting the following error message :
“errorMessage”: “Attempting to write a too large value for field with index 0. Size was 61830 but limit was 32000.”,
“context”: [
“fieldIndex 0”,
“size 61830”,
“limit 32000”,
“Failure while reading file file:/Data/yelp/yelp_academic_dataset_checkin.json. Happened at or shortly before byte position 71065.”
“moreInfo”: “”

Any ideas?


This means that you are trying to convert a text file that has fields that are too large.

Can you show the complete POST? Like the whole JSON object you are posting?

Hello @ben

this is my complete post :

the JSON file is used in this tutorial :


You are encountering the field byte size limit that is built into Dremio. Single fields can be, at most 32 kB. It looks like this field is a called “date” in your file. You should edit the file to reduce the “date” field size, if possible.