java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException on MySQL source


After a change in internal IP used to connect to MySQL source (runs on AWS) we are seeing this error:

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Waited 80 seconds (plus 86797 nanoseconds delay) for SettableFuture@57294610[status=PENDING]

This only happens on some tables, generally larger ones. For other tables, connection works fine. Simple Google search suggests clearing the cache.

Any help would be appreciated!

For anyone else with this issue - this is specific to MySQL 8. The workaround is to use EXTERNAL_QUERY capabilities in Dremio and to specify at least one WHERE condition in the external query:

TABLE (source_name.EXTERNAL_QUERY('SELECT  * FROM db.table WHERE id > 0))

@klemens Just to understand the issue clearly, the SQL failed with timeoutexception but adding a dummy WHERE clause it was successful?

Any chance you can share both the profiles? Failed without WHERE and successful with WHERE

Hi @klemens As this is being investigated on Dremio Cloud chat and currently under investigation by our engineering team if this is a release specific issue or mysql version8 specific. To avoid duplication, further we will also share the details on this Thread.

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