JDBC driver. DatabaseMetadata.getTableTypes return empty result set

When DatabaseMetadata.getTableTypes is called, Dremio Driver isn’t returning a Resultset to describe the available types.

Server version 4.9.3-202010281843560195-edc49b6d
Driver version 4.9.1-202010230218060541-2e764ed0

Hi, I encountered the same exact problem with Dremio server and JDBC driver version 20.1.0-202202061055110045-36733c65. Is there any resolution?

The empty ResultSet returned by the DatabaseMetadata.getTableTypes is breaking my metadata collection code. Any info will be appreciated.

Hi Dremio, this is a clear bug. Is there any plan to fix the issue in the driver?

@azary @dqmdev This will be fixed in the new driver. Will get back on the exact Dremio version it will be shipped with

What build number will that fix be released in?