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Hi all,
I was working with Dremio SQL query performance monitoring. I found many matrices related to query in job profile. Is there any documents other than official documentation which explain these metrices. And can someone please explain me what is “Num-runs” in phase metrices under thread table. Also I need to know how to calculate “Record Processing Rate”.
I couldn’t found any documentation for operator specific metrices.



Record processing rate is the number of records processed per second, it is time spent in process time divided by # of records. Num Runs is something we will get back to you. However there are several other important metrics that we will document shortly


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Thank u for your response.
Please help me to understand the following metrices also. These metrices can be found in the threads overview table. It would be great if u give a response ASAP.

  • Min First-run

  • Avg First-run

  • Max First-run

  • Min Wall-clock

  • Avg Wall-clock

  • Max Wall-clock

Joice Jacob

@JoiceJacob Sure, I will update here once we complete the article

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Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy
It would be a great help, if you share the documentation once it is finished.