Legacy Dialect?

Does anyone know what is the purpose of the option enable legacy dialect? (Data Sources > SQL Server)


We improved connectivity to some RDBMS sources in 3.0. You can read about it in our release notes under under Enhanced Connector Framework I would keep it in default settings.

@akikax all new SQLServer and Postgres sources will default to the new dialect, where as existing sources will keep using the “Legacy Dialect”. As Anthony mentioned this is part of our Enhanced Relational Connector Framework work and should improve overall pushdowns (and perf. in some cases) with these sources.

We’d recommend trying this on a separate source or dev. environment first before transitioning your production workloads to use the new dialect. Let us know if you run into any issues.

Can, thanks for that answer! This is the bit I was missing (and the documentation didn’t fully covered).

Since in my case we are doing a PoC I will go ahead and disable this option for my existing data sources

FYI, just enabled it and we ran into some issues (with existing VDS that were running just fine):

  1. We started getting again the SQL Server varbinary issue highlighted and address in previous topics.
  2. Where clause statements were throwing “Unexpected Errors”.

We just went back to the legacy connector.

Hey @akikax sorry to hear that. Would you happen to still have the query profile for the issues you’ve run into?