Max Fields in dataset using MongoDB


I’m using a MongoDB Collection to create a virtual Dataset but when I try to execute a query the SQL Editor throws the next message:

Number of fields in dataset exceeded the maximum number of fields of 800.

It seems that the collections contains a huge amount of fields. There is some way to change the max value in fields or some other way to achieve the execution?.

Hi @jmgarcia09,

The limit is in place to provide system stability. Can you select a subset of the columns to create your VDS?

Hello ben,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to create a subset using only the fields that needs but the query editor keep showing the message.

Other way can be using mongodb views but seems that dremio doesn’t have support yet.

This limit is at the dataset level (not the query level), so you are correct in thinking that you have to limit the number of columns on the Mongo collection.

Dremio does not fully support Mongo views, so you will have to create a new collection with documents that have a subset of the fields.