MD5 Function Unsupported

MySQL supports the MD5 function, however Dremio doesn’t appear to. I can just create a view on MySQL and then pull into Dremio, but was curious if there was a way to tell Dremio to “Push Down” the call to MySQL.

In general SQL is pushed down into the source as much as possible. When an operation is not supported by the source (eg, joins), then Dremio will perform that part of the query using its own SQL execution engine.

Every DBMS has its own extensions/variations of the SQL standard, such as MD5 hashing. In some cases we have implemented these in Dremio, and others are things we do not yet support.

In this case you’ve already identified the best option - build a view in MySQL and access the view from Dremio. I think what you’re also asking for is a “pass thru” ability which is not currently supported but we will consider for a future release.

Does that help?

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Sounds good. Thanks Kelly!

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