Minus function issue in Dremio sql editor

While running the MINUS query I am getting below error.
"Failure parsing the query. [line -1, column -1]"

The below format of MINUS query we have tried in dremio sql editor.

select coulm1,column2 from azure_file_path
select coulm1,column2 from azure_file_path

Please let me know what is the issue with this query or Is there any other syntax for MINUS query in dremio ??

The verbose error (under Jobs -> job details -> profile -> error) should show a more complete explanation:

  (org.apache.calcite.sql.parser.SqlParseException) MINUS is not allowed under the current SQL conformance level

The parser should pass this detailed error to the UI, rather than returning the generic parse error.

Using EXCEPT instead of MINUS, I see a different (but more obvious) error:

Dremio doesn't currently support EXCEPT operations.