More advanced regular expresssions

Are there any plans to add more functional regular expressions. Specifically like version 8+ in MySQL like the ones here …

I could really go REGEXP_SUBSTR() right now!


Oops … I see I can perform regular expressions in the SQL editor e.g. … extract_pattern(myfield, ‘myregex’, 0, ‘INDEX’) … will try that.

I didn’t see this function in the docos when doing a search. Are there a bunch of other undocumented features that could be useful too? In some cases I suspect just writing the queries would be more efficient and have better syntax than using the transformation gui. My query ended up in subquery hell by doing that.

HI @Ben_Spencer

Click on New Query and on the right you will see functions and datasets. Click on Functions and you should be able to see the full list there

See attached screenshot