Moved storage to aws cant access uploads

We Moved from PDFS to AWS Storage but the uploads would no longer work. However we can’t delete the datasets in the personal folders that are attached to the uploads on AWS. Is there a way to delete all files in the upload directory from the personal folder?


You said “uploads would no longer work”, what is the error you are getting?

Are the individual users who uploaded these files not available anymore to delete them? Uploads to home space can only be viewed by that user


Yes. But he couldn’t delete the files from Dremio. Said they were inaccessible. I went to AWS and deleted them thinking they would go away in Dremio. They didn’t. There should be an admin function to edit personal files. Also, when you backup a set of servers using PDFS and restore on a new set of servers using AWS, the links to the old PDFS files move to the NEW servers. If you look in the profile I sent you, It has 2 profiles.

  1. First profile says there is no such directory as /opt/dremio/pdfs…
  2. Second profile says there is no bucket named opt.
    So our personal folders have need to be rebuilt. However, you can’t delete the OLD files to even create new ones. The error says “Unexpected Error”

If you would like to get on a zoom, I can show you.

Ray Daniel
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