Namenode HA , HIVE doesn't work

hi every one!

i see the HIVE directory perfectly but when a tried to query any dataset… Java Error!

Caused by: bcopxmngns

i just put core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml into dremio/conf (2,6,KB)


What version of Dremio is this? 4.2+ we also need to symlink to

ln -s <DREMIO_HOME>/conf <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/connectors/hive2.d/conf


ln -s <DREMIO_HOME>/conf <DREMIO_HOME>/plugins/connectors/hive3.d/conf

But you are getting unknown, have you set the name of the metastore host from hive-site.xml, try this

  • copy hive-site.xml also to conf
  • enter the metastore host name in the Hive source plugin

Thank you!
Works fine!