Negative value is not supported in partition field of reflection

I notice that if a field contains negative values (such as -1) and the field is also used as a reflection partition field. The records with negative values are missing from reflection since Dremio 2.1.6 which is the earliest version I used…

That means the query with negative value where clause will not hit the reflection but do the db query instead.

Is it a limitation or known issue?

Hi @pisces312

Did a quick test on negative values and query does get accelerated. Kindly upgrade to the latest version of Dremio and retry. If in the latest release query is still not accelerating, kindly send us the profile


Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy.
I just want to double confirm that which data type you used for test.
We use DOUBLE.

It still can be reproduced with Dremio 3.1.3 in our environment. We created a reflection with the field containing negative values then triggered a query that will be accelerated by that reflection. All rows with negative values are missing.

Actually we have only one negative value -1 in field X, the rows with -1 value of field X are not available.