New Dremio version 15.7 has issues about NVL method


Recently we upgrade the dremio version from 4.9 to 15.7. One SQL scripts could not work in 15.7. But in 4.9, it work well.

The issue SQL:
select nvl(E.EntitySettledCollateral,0), E.EntitySettledCollateral from COLLATERAL.MARGINCALL E
where E.BCDFCollateralAgreementID is not null

Error detail :Operand types mismatch for: NVL(E.EntitySettledCollateral, 0).

Please kindly help on this error.

Thanks and Best Regards,

@Junwei Are you able to send us the job profile?


Hi balaji, the profile please see the attachemnt. Thanks. (5.9 KB)

@Junwei Is EntitySettledCollateral a string?

@balaji.ramaswamy yes, the field is in string type. does NVL method need to care about the type in dremio v15.7?

@Junwei try doing nvl(E.EntitySettledCollateral,'0')