No space left on device errors

Hi team,
we see our Dreio UI can be accessed, but when we run query for some VDS like select * from VDS_A limit 10, it will return error for every VDS, can we know what is the reason and how to fix it? Thank you.
IOException: Create failed for file: /rmb/ccs/slp/dremio_newclient_ee/cache/results/1e70cadb-60f8-36da-c5b1-78d9527dd500/0_0_0.dremarrow1, error: No space left on device (28).

@dolphinlei Can you please send us output of the below 2 commands?

df -h /rmb/ccs/slp/dremio_newclient_ee/cache/results
du -sh /rmb/ccs/slp/dremio_newclient_ee/cache/results