Not able to reach dremio through odbc driver

I just get a new laptop and I am not able to reach dremio with the new ODBC Driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL

In my old laptop I was able to reach my server on tableau, but with the new one I am not that lucky.

I have dremio 15.7.0-202106120034510544-2fb62d3, my windows is a windows 10 x64 and I am using Tableau 2022.3

Is there a way in which I could download the old good odbc dremio connector? or how can I make it work for my dremio version? I really don’t want to upgrade my server

Thank you

Is there any update with topic, or documentation I should follow to be able to connect my dremio 15.7 via odbc?

apache arrow flight only work with dremio 22+ and you have dremio 15, you must use dremio JDBC, you can download from here

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@nicolas.guerra thank you very much for you answer
This solved my issue!