On MacOS, failed to join tables from two mysql db

Hi Experts,

On MacOS, I built Release 23.1.0. It could successfully run a join query on a single mysql db, however failed on join tables from two different mysql dbs.

Could you please help point out the problems? Thanks in advance!

(1) The error message is:
2023-03-19 07:19:05,001 [1be94898-1039-1e87-bd44-58e3e8826000/0:foreman-planning] ERROR com.dremio.joust.Loader - Failure while loading joust native library.
java.io.IOException: Couldn’t load library library joust
at org.scijava.nativelib.NativeLoader.loadLibrary(NativeLoader.java:141)

com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException: Failure while attempting to load instance of the class of type com.dremio.sabot.op.common.ht2.HashTable requested at path dremio.joust.NativeHashTable.class.

(2) The files in the jar dremio-community-23.1.0-202211250121140756-a79618c7/jars/dremio-ce-sabot-joust-cpp-23.1.0-202211250121140756-a79618c7.jar:

344 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 natives/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 natives/linux_64/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 natives/osx_64/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/maven/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/maven/com.dremio.community.sabot.joust/
0 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/maven/com.dremio.community.sabot.joust/dremio-ce-sabot-joust-cpp/
227 Wed Nov 30 18:38:58 CST 2022 git.properties
4832824 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 natives/linux_64/libjoust.so
5261 Wed Nov 30 18:07:02 CST 2022 META-INF/maven/com.dremio.community.sabot.joust/dremio-ce-sabot-joust-cpp/pom.xml
121 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/maven/com.dremio.community.sabot.joust/dremio-ce-sabot-joust-cpp/pom.properties
290 Wed Nov 30 18:39:00 CST 2022 META-INF/INDEX.LIST

Experts, we are being BLOCKED by this issue, could please give any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

@liuqiyun Any reason you are using OSS instead of the TAR ball? Are you going to be changing code? if not use TAR

Hi Balaji, thanks for you reponse!

I want to study the features of Dremio, and as Dremio is a Open Source project, I downloaded it from github, compiled it and then encountered above issue using the TAR ball compiled by myself.

Here are two further questions:

  1. When you say the TAR ball, do you mean the TAR ball which we should apply to Dremio corporation for trial purpose?
  2. Could you please give some hints on the cause of the error on the project compiled by myself?

Thanks again

Hi @liuqiyun

I have checked internally and if there is an update either me or someone will post an update here

Thanks and looking forward to the update!

@liuqiyun It seems from the error that it is a build issue, was the build successful?

@balaji.ramaswamy yes, I successfully built it using cmd ‘mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip’.

However, for bypassing a dependency issue during building, I modified plugins/pom.xml with removing hive2&hive3 modules tasks as I won’t use hive in my testing.


Would you be able to try not removing the Hive2 and Hive3 modules, make sure the build is successful then try the MySQL query with join. Even if you do not want the Hive plug in, is there a reason why you are removing it?