Oracle push down behavior and location of ARP configuration

I am trying to better understand the circumstances that permit Dremio to push down query to database (e.g. Oracle). I trying to create a VDS that invokes several of our larger Oracle tables joined together, and from the job profile it looks like Dremio is querying the tables separately and attempting to join in Dremio instead of in Oracle.

I was trying to locate the YAML file for the ARP implementation of Oracle connector, but cannot locate it within dremio-oss on github.

Let me rephrase. How can I optimize dremio for queries against Oracle?

I’m more than willing to study the code, but there is not an obvious place in your public github repo for Oracle connector. (Least not obvious to me)

@mpcarter Correct. ARP JDBC falls under the, “free but not open source” section of Dremio CE. Dremio provides ARP adapters by default in the UI. If you build from source, there is specific profile you have to choose if you want to build with just the community edition/OSS code being in the final binary.

I’ve had this discussion a couple times on here in different forms about this.