Oracle time functions

last_day is a oracle sql function I make pretty heavy use of and that seems to throw and error when run through dremio. I read through the Dremio functions and might be able to find a way to duplicate the intent of last_day but the more painful prospect is having to modify queries if they can’t work “as-is”. Why are functions done through Dremio and not passed through to the db? Any way to make this work without having to modify the original queries functions?

Dremio has a uniform dialect so that whatever the source you use (or if you decide to use the data reflection feature), the same query will always work. For example, if we were to allow passing functions to RDBMS source, you could create a VDS with it, and then decide to create a reflection for it, which would not work because Dremio internally doesn’t know about the function.

At that time. we don’t have a workaround for that specific function at that time which doesn’t require modifying your query.

Makes sense now one why one set of functions are needed. I think there is an opportunity here for some utility scripts that can convert existing queries to be dremio “compliant”. I love the potential Dremio offers but i can see large scale deployment being an issue if queries have to be modified manually. Have you seen anyone already attempt to tackle this? I’d be happy to contribute sweat to the effort!