PDS validation while creation

I am uploading files in s3 and creating PDS out of it in Dremio. Just wanted to know if we have any capability in Dremio to validate columns *(As i need to check for mandatory columns before creating pds/vds in dremio)* before creating PDS. note - I am creating PDS by calling Dremio cloud REST API.

you can query to INFORMATION_SCHEMA for knowing more info

select "column_name",ordinal_position from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where CONCAT(table_schema,'.', table_name) = 'lake.credito.mypds' order by ordinal_position
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Thanks for your reply, But can we filter which s3 file is having invalid schema

@s.ranjan0404 Not able to fully follow your question, what do mean by mandatory columns, when you create a VDS out of a promoted PDS, you can select any columns you want

Do you want to just display columns in a PDS?